We combine a hand-crafted, artisan, storytelling approach
with the most advanced digital tools to bring brands to life.


We are a seasoned team of creative marketers, multimedia storytellers, software developers and business strategists passionate about building brands. Our deep prior experience in operating roles translates into meaningful impact for clients across many industry sectors, from energy to the arts.

We nurture long-term relationships with our clients by partnering with them to achieve their
business objectives.

We’re fun to work with, bringing creative insights, fresh perspectives and a healthy dose of humor to everything we do.

We may win awards for our work, but what matters even more is that we consistently win respect and repeat business from satisfied clients.









Stephen Newman

Stephen is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in media and entertainment. Prior to founding MWM, he was a member of the senior management team at New York Times Digital, and before that, was with PricewaterhouseCoopers and CNN, among others. | MBA, Columbia University; BA, Tufts University


Matthew Williams

For over 21 years Matthew has led the creation and growth of digital brands for business, consumers and government. Prior to founding MWM, Matthew designed, developed and deployed digital solutions for clients in the environmental, financial, industrial and healthcare sectors. | MBA, University of Chicago – Booth Graduate School of Business; BS Engineering, University of Florida.


Douglas Newman
Creative Director

Douglas brings more than 18 years experience in media production and programming across the web, television, radio, film, and print. As a producer for ABC News Productions and MWM Digital he has produced numerous shorts and over 20 long form documentaries for PBS, Discovery Channel, A&E and The History Channel. | MPA, New York University; BA, Brandeis University


Edwin Grubbs
VP, Software Engineering

Edwin is an architect of agile, data driven, large-scale web-applications using multiple open source platforms. Prior to MWM, Edwin developed enterprise web applications for Canonical and Rackspace. | BS, Computer Science, Trinity University



Senior Web Developer


MWM Digital is looking for web developers who are smart, curious and passionate about their craft … developers whose desire to build great software is baked into their DNA.


  • Likes gathering requirements directly from end-users
  • Full Stack Developer – Able to handle everything from Linux server setup to front-end coding in Javascript and HTML and anything in between like Django, Python, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Nice to have but not required: Python and Django knowledge

About MWM

Developers at MWM Digital enjoy the fast, focused, flexible learning environment that comes from a small start-up; plus the competitive salary, security and great benefits typically offered by a large company.  We want developers with a strong potential to learn new things and solve problems.  We are less concerned about your knowledge of any specific tool.  MWM is located in Houston, TX–one of the most economically vibrant cities in the USA.

What Python is used for:

We work mainly in Python and Javascript.  For this opportunity, you will join our product team to help build, test, deploy and improve a proprietary integrated management system that supports billion dollar hydrocarbon engineering projects around the world. This unique and complex software product is being built from the ground up in Django & Kendo UI.

Quiz & Contact Info:

MWM Smarty Pants Tester

  1. You have a list/array of strings that represent dates and looks like this: ['Oct 7, 2009', 'Nov 10, 2009', 'Jan 10, 2009', 'Oct 22, 2009', ...] The month is always the first three characters of full month name (‘January’ => ‘Jan’, ‘February’ => ‘Feb’, …). The day is one or two digits (1, 2, … 31), with no preceding zero. There is always a comma after the day. The year is always four digits. Write a routine (in any language) that will order this list of strings in date descending order. Do not use any built in date-parsing library… write your own specific to this date format. Feel free to use, or not use, regex.
  2. What are some ways to improve the security of a Unix/Linux system? Include general security guidelines and any specifics related to web servers and db servers.
  3. With the test data below, fill in the “???” in the recursive CTE query so that
    each item in category table is listed with its parents.

    CREATE TABLE category (
    parent_id INTEGER REFERENCES category(id) DEFERRABLE,
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (1, NULL, ‘animal’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (2, NULL, ‘mineral’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (3, NULL, ‘vegetable’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (4, 1, ‘dog’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (5, 1, ‘cat’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (6, 4, ‘doberman’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (7, 4, ‘dachshund’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (8, 3, ‘carrot’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (9, 3, ‘lettuce’);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (10, 11, ‘paradox1′);
    INSERT INTO category VALUES (11, 10, ‘paradox2′);
    SELECT setval(‘category_id_seq’, (select max(id) from category));
    WITH RECURSIVE last_run(parent_id, id_list, name_list) AS (

    SELECT id_list, name_list
    FROM last_run
    ORDER BY id_list;

    The output should look like this.The id_list column should be an integer array containing
    ARRAY[id, parent id, grandparent id, etc].The name_list column should be a text field containing comma separated names.id_list |       name_list
    {1}     | animal
    {2}     | mineral
    {3}     | vegetable
    {4,1}   | dog, animal
    {5,1}   | cat, animal
    {6,4,1} | doberman, dog, animal
    {7,4,1} | dachshund, dog, animal
    {8,3}   | carrot, vegetable
    {9,3}   | lettuce, vegetable
    {10,11} | paradox1, paradox2
    {11,10} | paradox2, paradox1
  1. Using HTML5/CSS 3 techniques make a 100 x 100px red square that rotates via an animation 90 degrees when you click on it. You’re allowed to use a small amount of javascript but most of the animation/rotation should be accomplished using HTML 5/CSS3. Also include what browser(s) it works with.
  2. In your view, what are the pros and cons of TDD (test driven development). When do you think TDD makes more/less sense (if ever)?
  3. Do you have any favorite coding related quotes or cartoons?


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